Friday, May 16, 2008


As I mentioned before, I've been directing a play this semester (the Lion, the Witch, & Wardrobe). It's been a couple of weeks, but I'm just now recovering from the whirlwind! So, here's the scoop...
It was AMAZING!! What an incredible experience! Through the entire semester, God came through again and again...providing for every detail...even details I didn't know I needed to think about! I learned so much! I'd never done a production of this caliber, so I had much to learn. And the kids were great...they learned more lines than they'd ever had to before and were able to not only remember them, but act out their characters as well! I was simply amazed at their performances.

The production ended up being 2 hours long including a 20 min. intermission. Four of the moms learned how to do face paint from a professional make-up artist - and it all looked so professional! (I wish I had pics of the cast with make-up, but I don't yet). Several families made our props - incredible...the wardrobe, the backdrops, the stone table, the beaver's home...just incredible! (Again, no pics of these yet, either). And the costumes - one grandmother volunteered her service of making the costumes - absolutely amazing! Aslan's mane was velcroed on so that at the Stone Table, we could "shave" off his mane...and then he could re-enter with his mane on again :) So cool!

I must say that we couldn't have pulled off such a large production without the help of every parent! Or without the help of my buddy, Josiah...a homeschool teenager with drama experience who volunteered to help me coach the kids - 3 days a week for 3 months!! Wow! What a commitment - he did a great job!!

So, here are a few pics - again, without make-up or props - but just an idea! My Rebekah was Susan (one of the 4 Pevensie children...she's got long brown hair and a gold cape). Alyssa was the Unicorn and Anna was the White Stag :) I was so very proud of my girls!

Pevensie Children

Fenris Ulf (Malgrim), White Witch, the Dwarf

Aslan (center) & his army of animals (some do not have their costumes and again, no make-up...I hope to get a pic of their make-up, it was that good!)

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Jodie said...

You're right! It was AMAZING!! Costumes, make-up, etc. It was an awesome production!!! You have alot to be proud of!
Also, can I just say how totally excited I was to see new posts here?! :)
Love you!