Friday, May 30, 2008

Jedi Squirrels

I got this pic in an email and laughed really hard because I think the squirrels in my yard have those abilities!

But, after laughing, I realized that it's true in my life as a Christian, too.
I have a powerful sword that I can not see...the Word of God! I may look like these squirrels with the natural eye, but when I wield my sword, I can do some damage in the heavenlies.

These squirrels don't care what they look like - believe me they do. not. care.
And, if I stop caring what other people will think and use my Sword as if I believe that it's powerful and that it's REAL, then great and wonderful things will happen.
God always responds to belief! It's what He searches for in the hearts of His children and when He finds it, He smiles and responds.


Jodie said...

This ROCKS on so many levels!!

That picture is hysterical, and you sure know how to extract some spiritual meat from a few crazy squirrels! :)

This is a great reminder - I needed to hear it.

Sonja said...

this picture is so funny!!!
Well, seems to me that is what you did this morning...thank you for praying.
Be encouraged...I beleive the Lord will give you your recent desires!
Enjoyed seeing you again.

love you sister in the Lord!!!!