Thursday, February 18, 2010

365- #45-46 (ice)

I've always wanted to take a pic of a frozen drop of water.  Here's my attempt:

#45  Drip

#46  Drop

It was not easy...and I intend to learn a better way.  For some reason I couldn't tell what I was focusing on.  This one will need some work.  I'm up for the challenge!

365- #40 - 44 (Snow Day)

OK, so it didn't snow much...but it counts....b/c my goodness, we're in the deep South here and this is the first time in my LIFE that it has snowed 3 times in one winter!  I think I can actually say that we've HAD a winter this year!  Amazing!

Here are a few from our snow day:
this is a mailbox in our neighborhood....we love the manatee! (#40)

watching from inside where it's warm... (#41)

then we got to play... (#42)

and catch a few flakes.... (#43)

and make a very tiny snowman.... (#44)

365- #37, 38* & 39 (valentine's day)

# 37  (this one's for Jenn)

# 38 (Scrabble Love) *

#39 - my favorite flower
(and I just learned that taking pics of flowers head-on is a sure sign of an this'll be the last one you see like this from me ;)  I still love it!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

365-36* (heart)

I know I'm late on this one, but I'm gonna post it anyway.

365-34 & 35 (13yo photo)

Not so much an eaglet anymore....she's growing up to be a beautiful Eagle!  to the Glory of God!

365-31, 32 (manicure), 33 (cake)

This weekend, in celebration of Eaglet 1 turning 13, we held a Rite of Passage Ceremony & Banquet.  My entire family, and my husband's family were all in attendance.  We also had a few significant friends and their families there.
It was a beautiful night.  God did not skimp on the provisions....plenty of food, great location, slide show full of memories, and beautiful decorations.  But the most beautiful part of the night was when her Daddy affirmed her, spoke blessings over her, and prayed for her in front of everyone.  She is blessed.  We are blessed.  (One of my brothers was the official photographer that night, and he has all the pics....I'll post some as soon as I get them)

In preparation for the night, she had a manicure....

And she made the cakes....

365-30 (computer work)

more practice with "manual" shooting

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365-29 (Pizza)

It's becoming obvious how I spend most of my time around here....COOKING!!
Really, I'll try to get out more and get some more interesting photos :)

Homemade Pizza

first, you start with crust:

ready for the oven..

and then...Voila!  Pizza!  Yum!