Thursday, February 18, 2010

365- #45-46 (ice)

I've always wanted to take a pic of a frozen drop of water.  Here's my attempt:

#45  Drip

#46  Drop

It was not easy...and I intend to learn a better way.  For some reason I couldn't tell what I was focusing on.  This one will need some work.  I'm up for the challenge!


Tracy said...

Keep trying...did you CHOOSE your focus? In your menu like I showed you?

Anonymous said...

looks very cool. we didn't have much ice at our house.

Jenn said...

Too bad a camera isn't voice activated. HA!!! Wouldn't that be neat. "Focus on those eyes, focus on that water drop."

Kathy C. said...

That is a cool is such a pretty subject with all the reflective qualities it has. :)

Marice said...

sorry for the late visit! im still learning too :) dont worry we all can do it :)

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Life Can't Wait

Amanda said...

Great try! I like the top one best.