Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365-29 (Pizza)

It's becoming obvious how I spend most of my time around here....COOKING!!
Really, I'll try to get out more and get some more interesting photos :)

Homemade Pizza

first, you start with crust:

ready for the oven..

and then...Voila!  Pizza!  Yum!


Tracy said...


Jennifer said...

What an awesome little chef! Love her hat and her smile.

Cat said...

Too cute--that little chef! Nothing wrong with cooking/baking--some of my best childhood memories!

Marice said...

aww that looks really yummy! pass it over here :)

feel free to visit me here

Jenn said...

My kiddos cook every Monday night! It is some of the sweetest times we have.

I showed Hannah these pictures (earlier when I was checking out blogs)and she was all over that hat and apron. She is insisting on me getting her one now. Your Eaglet is just PRECIOUS!! Her smile is just so cute!

Katie said...

lol! those are such great shots!!! not to mention yummy looking pizza!