Tuesday, August 31, 2010

365 - #195 (red shoes)

For our 11 yo's birthday, she wanted to have a scavenger hunt in the mall.  It was tons of fun!  And I think the kids enjoyed it too :)

The guests were split up into 2 groups and had a list of items to take pics of, or pics of the team with the item.  Here's one of the items....

365 - #194 (more cuteness)

speaking of cuteness, here's our 3yo friend sporting a fancy hat:

365 - #193 (scooter)

When this particular nephew comes over, the first thing he wants to do is "ride the dooter."  And he has more than one way to ride it:

the cuteness is almost unbearable :)

365- #191-192 (cake)

Eaglet #2 turned 11 this month!  Hard to believe...

here's the cake she requested and helped to decorate: