Monday, May 12, 2008


In the last 6 months, we've had 2 huge pine trees cut down in our back yard. Not only for safety and plumbing reasons, but also because we'd like to have a vegetable garden. Alas, we couldn't have one... not only were the trees in the way, they also blocked all of the light into the yard.
After cutting the trees, a few things were immediately obvious:
It completely changed the view from our house, allowed tons of sunlight in, and actually will (eventually) change the landscape in the yard as well.
Then we needed to have the stumps ground up in order to kill the roots...because otherwise the roots would have continued to live, and grow into our pipes, for up to 20 more years!! Now that's determined, huh?!
The stump grinder had to go 18 inches deep to really kill the root. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to haul off all of the ground up roots yet. So, now, my backyard looks like a giant gopher has been playing in it along with 2 of its friends! It's a mess!! It's mounds and mounds of mess!! And, though we now have plenty of sunlight, and our pipes are root-free, we can not plant a garden until all of these roots are hauled off.
So, as I've look at it day after day, I realized that this whole experience has been a perfect illustration of how the Lord has been delivering and setting me free this year.

For many years, I have been cutting down problem "trees" in my life, but the roots have continued to flourish. It hasn't been until last year that the Lord began to expose the root of those problems and go deep to take it all out. I've been desperately willing to have Him do this work in my heart. Just like our trees...we didn't get them cut until we were truly tired of the effect they were having on our home.
However, I learned, too, that when the Lord removed something from my heart, it left a mess...holes that needed to be filled with good stuff, like Truth and His Spirit...and rubbish that needed to be hauled out! Thankfully, it's not taking the Lord as long to haul off the rubbish as it's taking us to do the same in our yard :)
After the Lord delivered me, He began to heal me...and like the results in my yard, my perspective has changed, there's more sunlight (or Light from the Son) coming into my heart, and the landscape is slowly changing as well.

Thank God for deliverance...from trees and roots!


Sonja said...

Hey friend!
I see you are blogging again! Yes Lord! You have much to give this world.
Great analogy about the trees! Seem fitting for my life right ROOT digging and interresting what has been in those roots!
I know, that the Lord is faithful, as we are obediant (even when others may see you as distant, disoriented, possibly disappointed) the Lord saw fit to put our vessel in this place because He knows the lies believed and the deep roots of those lies! To know that I can and will be FREE once and for all from the PIT I keep falling in is encouraging.
You too my sister! Sunday morning was awesome...the Lord used you in the human video! Wil like the song...some country reminds him of his father(he enjoyed listening to country).
I will post your blog on my favorites and look forward to learning much!

love you sister in the Lord and friend!!!!

sonja h.

Jodie said...

This is great. I love the gophers.

Also, this is a perfect analogy. I wish I had something better to say about it - but you said it so well, what can I add?

You're awesome. I love you. :)