Tuesday, December 28, 2010

365 - #260 (Tea time)

For Christmas, I gave each of my girls a tea cup...

and a card which explained that the tea cup was for "tea time" with Mom.
I have read and heard this idea from several women in the last year or so, and I decided that this was the year I implement it into our family.
Tea time is individual time for each daughter to talk about what's on their minds,
or to listen to what's on Mom's mind :)
I pray that it'll be a treasured time that the girls will remember the rest of their lives.
I also pray that the Lord will use the time to knit our hearts together in a special way.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea!

Lisa said...

Tonja... I love love love this. So sweet and such a precious way to spend time with each one of your girls... I may steal this idea. Love you bunches,

Tracy said...

Sweet idea...but I don't drink tea. SO it would have to be Hot Chocolate time! :)