Wednesday, December 29, 2010

365 - #262 (Silver Ball)

In case anyone is wondering if I'll actually make it to #365 in 365 days....

I doubt it.

But, that does NOT mean I didn't TAKE 365 pics in 365 days.
I probably took that many pics at each event of the year :)

The problem I had was that most of the pics I took were of my family,
and they didn't want their pics posted on my blog.
So, to honor their request, I lagged behind on this project.

However, because of this project, I believe I became a better photographer.
I don't think I would have taken some of the shots that I did.
I've enjoyed this project very much....and I'm still considering doing it again.


Anonymous said...

I like that shot!

Tracy said...

The picture made me laugh out loud...but will have to tell you why later.

I am SOOO glad you joined us and hope you CONTINUE!! LOVE YA!

Jenn said...

Beautiful picture! Trust me...I KNOW you took a picture a day. You and your camera are a great pair.

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Wondering if you still maintain this blog.

I was looking at some old comments and saw that you posted about Rosacea. Do you have Rosacea or did you? Have you been healed?

I posted a little bit more about my healing. I am STILL healed since Aug of 2008! I only did the Daniel Fast for 21 days. I usually do a strict fast once a year and a looser one a couple more times a year.

Here is my recent post on the Daniel Fast:

Here is my old post on the Rosacea healing:

Let me know if you get this.

:)Happy Day!