Thursday, September 2, 2010

365- #196 (I'd wear these, too...)

when I was a girl, my brothers and I had rainboots to wear in the rain (of course) and in the mud (at school, at home, our grandparents house, or at our camp).  Back then, rainboots were only black.  There was no other choice.  And I didn't really care.  But, if I had seen boots like these, I would have totally wanted to wear them!  My youngest girls have been eyeing them for a while now....and finally, they each got a pair.

And they are happy to wear them every chance they get!


Jenn said...

Oh yes...I would have loved to own those when I was growing up.

Tracy said...

I LOVE LOVE them! I want a pair and haven't bought any, because I want inserts. FOUND them! YEAH!