Monday, April 19, 2010

365 - #82-85 (Farmers' Market)

This weekend I went with my Mom and 2 of my girls to the Farmers' Market downtown. 

I love going there.  I always find great deals on fresh produce!  And there's always a treat or two that we come away with.
This weekend, Eaglet 3 had her face painted:

And we bought strawberries:

we also got some herbs to put in our garden (pics are coming soon...)
It was a beautiful day, and a treasure to spend the morning with my Mom.


Tracy said...

YUM on the strawberries and love the face paint!

{Jodie} said...

What herbs are you planting?

Tonja said...

so far we have mint & spearmint (for teas, of course), parsley, lemon thyme & rosemary!