Thursday, January 28, 2010

365-24 & 25 (Tree)

I love this tree.  It's way too close to our house, but I still love it!  It even has personality :)

the funny thing about this face is that the tree keeps "eating" the nails that hold it there.  And the face falls off.  We'll find it without a nose, or with only one eye.
funny old tree.  guess he doesn't like his face :)


Marice said...

is that for real? cute!

Jenn said...

Too funny!!! I think that tree would scare me though. Especially if I could see it out my window at night.

Tracy said...

No he is just trying to communicate with you...One eye- he is winking!

No nose- something stinks outside!

No mouth....hhmmm??? Those girls need to QUIET down! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love these photos! Really cute.