Friday, July 23, 2010

365 - #184-189 (Mint Tea)

Yesterday we watched a video on making mint tea with the mint grown in your garden.  Two of our eaglets got really excited because we have some mint growing in our garden!  So off they flew to the garden to begin the process.  Here's how they made it:

First, they picked the mint. 
Any mint will do...the video mentioned apple mint.  But we had peppermint and spearmint.
(We forgot to wash it, but we will next time :/ )
Then, they broke it (or cut it) in pieces in a large bowl.

Next, they poured 2 cups of cold water into the bowl and kneaded the mint.
Literally, squeezed the mint, until the water began to change color.

Next, they poured the water through a coffee filter over the pitcher.
(The video said we could use any type of filter,
but they recommended a piece of sheer curtain material so it could be used over and over.)
I think we'll have to get some kind of material, since we'll be doing this again and again.

the coffee filter worked, but since we couldn't use it more than once, we had to use a lot of filters.

They poured 2 more cups of water into the bowl of mint and repeated the process.
Then, we made a simple syrup by boiling one cup of sugar (any kind) + one cup of water.
(* you could also heat a cup of honey, and use that instead.)
And after letting it cool down a bit, they added it to the pitcher.
Stirred well.
And served it. refreshing and minty!!

The beauty of it was that it came straight from our garden!
And, it has NO caffeine, so the girls could drink it happily!

What have you made from your garden this summer?


{Jodie} said...

Cucumber sandwiches, Jack. And alot of 'em!

By the way, your girls are lovely. :) And that tea looks pretty tasty.

R said...

It was very good... Fresh and minty, my favorite kind!

~"Eaglet" #1

Tracy said...

GEAT job and LOVE the pictures. Sorry don't drink tea.

Jenn said...

Mmmmmm...sounds yummy! It is so nice to see those pretty girls again. Can't wait for co-op to start back up.

knit1kids4 said...

Oh that does sound yummy!

therowlandboys said...

Very cool!! Love that it all came from your garden. BTW, the younger girl in the picture is standing in the SAME position you do - cute!

Katia said...

Very nice picture....your cold mint tea sounds so refreshing this time of the year.