Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am Raising Eagles!

A few years ago, I was praying...actually crying out to the Lord to help me to be the Mom and Wife He wanted me to be, feeling very inadequate and out of place.
At this point, I'd been married to my adorable husband for 10 years, and had been at home with our children since our first was born 9 years before. We have 3 beautiful girls, and they are a blessing!
So, I was thinking that by now, I should have a little more confidence at this job, and I should be feeling a bit more adequate in the daily routine. But, NO! I did not. And, so, I cried out to the Lord for help.

And, He answered...

He showed me a picture of myself, staring out the window of our living room, longing to be anywhere else (that I thought would be more valuable). And, He told me to turn around and look at my home. When I did, it looked like a giant eagle's nest! I saw baby eaglets in the nest, and immediately I knew that they were my girls...and I had a job to do right here in my home...and instantly my job became the most important job I could ever imagine having. No longer would I long to be somewhere else. My gaze would be on my family and on the Lord. He showed me in that instant that I was missing out on all that He had for me right here in my home, b/c my sights were set in the wrong direction.

That same afternoon, I began my research to find out all I could about eagle's nests, and how to raise eaglets, since I had no knowledge of this subject. I have gained great spiritual insights in studying these birds. Perhaps I'll post some of my findings here in the future. Raising my "eagles" has become my calling, and becoming an "eagle" myself has been the journey of a lifetime.


kristin said...

Wow! That's amazing how He showed you what was going on:)And in my opinion you are doing awesome with your "nest"!

Ruth said...

How awesome!! That is really such a great revelation. Isn't amazing how quickly we can go from discontent to perfectly content with one word from God?! How totally cool!!

I would absolutely LOVE to hear some of your eagle facts. =o)

sonja said...

Tanya, ok girl now why didn't you tell me you had a site on blogspot???
You are a blessing and now I am glad I can comment and not have to send it to your email.
I want you to know that for me being a mother has been the toughest, most chanllenging surrender ever (besides marriage) and I have learned (even if it's only been 3 years) the sacrifice of it all...I usually think of you when it comes to sacrifice and I say to myself, hey, if Tanya can stay home and teach her kids than I can too! Well, I am having a rough start (mainly impatient) but I cry out and ask the Lord to help me many days!
Jonah is a beautiful child and Wil and I are blessed to have him...I know one day our children will serve the Lord wholeheartidly!
I also believe that one day you and myself WILL write a book!
Be blessed and I will look forward to reading your blogsite!!

I love you sister!


Tiffany Nicole said...


Happy Mother's Day to you! Have an awesome day! Love, Tiffany Nicole

Jodie said...

Tonja this is so well-written. You're so honest and brave. :) You inspire me. It's true.
I know this was posted a while back, but it's still great and worth a comment. ;)
I love you - and I'm so glad we're family.